Wayne Rooney's decision to quit Manchester United as reported by The Guardian is a real shocker.

The striker has clearly had it up to here with Alec Ferguson and has decided to quit before being fired.

It may also spend the end for Ferguson who has clearly mishandle done of the greatest talents ever given to him in Rooney.

His abrupt loss of form is not all down to the revelations of hookers and off field antics.

It has been clear for some time that Rooney has not developed into the best player in the world status he was clearly aiming for.

For that we can blame Rooney, but also Ferguson, who has clearly been less than honest with his star.

The Scot has had a terrible time with talent like Rooney given what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo and to a lesser extent, David Beckham.

Both of them lost trust in Ferguson like Rooney now

Ronaldo was at the height of his powers and should never have been sold.

Rooney may well rediscover his genius elsewhere but does not trust Ferguson any more.

Ferguson was telling the media one story and telling Rooney another.

The 'ankle injury' he was talking about was fictional and he was benching Rooney for some other reason.

Rooney has now called his bluff and United will have to be rid of him knowing that in 20 months anyway he will be a free agent.

Rooney would play much better for a manager like Jose Mourinho who has a way with special players.

I expect Rooney will end up at Real Madrid.

And Ferguson may end up retiring.