Britain has its very own Tiger Woods in the shape of Wayne Rooney, the grandson of Irish emigrants to Liverpool, who is Britain's best known footballer.

Rooney has been caught in the headlights, like Woods, with the revelation that he had sex with at least two prostitutes while his wife Colleen was pregnant.

Colleen has fled with her young son to her parents, hotly pursued by a rabid tabloid pack. In a genuine tragedy her 12-year-old sister has had a massive stroke, further upsetting her close knit family.

One of the hookers, Jennifer Thompson, 'Juicy Jenny' to you,has gone public with her revelations, while another, Helen Wood, now there's a Tiger coincidence, known as Woody, is also on the prowl talking to tabloids.

In Britain, where there is no Hollywood, footballers serve the same purpose. So the 'scandal' is very big news indeed.

Rooney and Colleen have meanwhile pleaded for privacy - sound familiar? --while they work on their marriage.

All of Britain, or at least the tabloids, are in uproar over this latest example of a young man with too much money and likely, a drink problem, making an ass of himself.

Wayne Rooney is no oil painting, in fact he's known affectionately as Shrek, but he was a massive disappointment in England's World Cup bid and the tabloids now think they know why.

Soliciting prostitutes is as old as the hills, doing so while your wife is heavily pregnant certainly adds a bitter twist.

So Britain is all a twitter, literally about Wayne and Juicy Jen, not to mention Woody and more is promised.

We can't hardly wait can we Tiger?