Wayne Rooney has opened up to reporters about his new-found faith.

The 24-year-old sports-star has been spotted training recently sporting a large cross.

"I've been wearing them for years now and you don't usually watch training [to see them.] I obviously can't wear them in games," Rooney said of the prominent white cross he’s been seen wearing.

Rooney’s wife, Coleen, is a devout Catholic, and her father Tony attends mass daily.

Rooney also has a surprise track record when it comes to religion. He was said to have a particular aptitude for religious studies while in school, and attended renowned Catholic institutions Our Lady and St Swithin's Roman Catholic Primary.

A school report about the now mega-star reads tenderly: "Wayne's recall of stories about the life of Jesus is quite detailed. His contributions to discussions show him to be a caring child who responds to the needs of others."

Inevitably Rooney’s love of Jesus took a back-seat to his love of football though.

Rooney said, “I believed in Jesus of course, did drawings of him at school and I said my prayers most evenings," he recalled a few years ago. "Usually, though, I was praying for Everton to win on Saturday.”