Manchester United star Wayne Rooney is open to the possibility of leaving his current team for Manchester City.

Rooney has apparently informed United that he will not be signing another contract with them.

It is now rumored that he could potentially cross over to Man City- the wealthiest club in England, just like former teammate Carlos Tevez

Hearing that he may up for grabs, Chelsea manager Carlos Ancelotti, has expressed his interested in the United player.

Speculation in the past is that the current player of the year would move to Real Madrid or Barcelona but Rooney has apparently told team mates that his interest lies with City.

Rooney is trying to get past allegations that he recently had an affair with a prostitute.

“We hadn’t discussed signing Rooney until the last week because we never thought he would be available, just like we have never discussed signing Lionel Messi from Barcelona,” one senior figure at Eastlands said. “Now we know he wants to leave United we’re obviously going to monitor it closely.”

Former team mate Roy Keane has advised Rooney to follow his own interests.

Current Ipswich manager, Keane, said “Players and managers fall out all the time. It’s part of life.

“If I was to offer advice to Wayne, who is a good lad, I would tell him to make sure he looks after number one.

“Players are pieces of meat – that’s how I look at it. When your time’s up, your time’s up. “Luckily for Wayne he’s at a good age and he’s fit.”

Keane, who had a falling out with Ferguson and left the premiership team said Rooney may resolve his issues too.

“It depends on the situation and whether you have been lied to or not,” he said.

“But, as usual, we are second guessing what has gone on at the club, which is dangerous.”