Soccer superstar Wayne Rooney found himself the subject of a highly disparaging article in The Daily Mail this week.

In an article that lamented Rooney's use of profanity in public, The Daily Mail reported that the soccer star has been dropped from a long running and highly lucrative promotion deal by Coca-Cola.

Four days after his on the pitch outburst before a live camera on lunchtime TV, the international soft drinks company cut all ties with the Manchester United and England star.

The Mail called the decision not to renew Rooney's nearly $1 million-dollar-a-year deal 'a victory for decency.'

The 25-year-old player had been the face of a major Coca-Cola campaign in Britain for several years.

But last year, The Mail claims, the company’s U.S. bosses were concerned to hear he had allegedly slept with two prostitutes while his wife Coleen was pregnant.

On Wednesday Coca-Cola reportedly permanently ended Rooney's four-year sponsorship deal that began in 2006. The deal is thought to have been worth close to $4 million dollars.