WATERFORD hurler Eoin Kelly may quit after his four year old son was verbally abused by Waterford supporters after their game against Tipperary on Sunday.

After the All Ireland semi final game, which Tipperary won 3-19 to 1-18, Kelly’s wife and four-year-old son were confronted by angry Waterford supporters outside the Jury’s Croke Park Hotel.

Kelly said one of the supporters "verbally abused" the little boy about his father’s performance. Yesterday the boy was said to be very distressed and Kelly was considering retirement.

"He’s still very upset," said Kelly yesterday. "You’d have to ask yourself whether it’s worth carrying on playing for Waterford, if this is the kind of thing you have to deal with."

It was a bad weekend for Waterford players. The three-year-old daughter of major star Ken McGrath was bitten by a dog on Saturday in Waterford and was rushed to Cork University Hospital for emergency surgery.

Waterford manager Davy Fitzgerald stated that at the request of his family, McGrath was not been informed of the attack before the game.

"We would have had no problem if he wanted to get back for that," said Fitzgerald.

"That wasn’t a problem with us, that was their decision and that was the way they wanted it. I still am passionate about it (hurling) but your health and your family is the most important thing and a few things come into perspective when you look at today."

After the game McGrath was rushed to Cork afterwards to join his daughter, getting a police escort through Dublin.