So last night Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira had a big hit off Red Sox reliever Vincent Padilla, a game winning hit as it turned out. The Yanks won a game that almost went on four hours, injury riddled Boston licks its wounds and gets ready for today's potentially draining double dip. Game over, no big deal, nothing to see here, right?

Wrong. Teixeira would appear to have become the 'class' police of MLB, if his incredibly stupid, childish and frankly bush league comments after the game are anything to go by. Teixeira and Padilla have something of a history, in that the latter has hit him with pitches twice. I guess they must have really, really stung the Yankee first baseman because the big lug had this to say post game;

“Game-winning hits always feel good, but that one definitely felt real good. I was making some jokes. I’ve got to get in line. He doesn’t have a lot of friends in the game.

It is no secret Padilla is a coulourful character, who has knocked around a few organisations and has been moved on specially because of the 'colour' we just alluded to. He is definitely not blameless in this. However, to be a Major League baseball player, and to stand there in a post game interview and to say 'He doesn't have a lot of friends in the game' is nothing short of imbecilic. It is arrogant and aggressive. Frankly I hope Padilla continues to be the person he is, he is enjoyable to watch, and who are we to tell him to change his 'style'?

For Teixeira to single out a player like that absolutely stinks, and hopefully the rest of the Redsox stick up for their team mate. It is also absolutely an indicator of just how blinkered a vision on life Teixeira has.

Blinkered? Damn right. Teixeira if you recall once flirted with the Redsox heavily before choosing to go to The Bronx because, well, basically because his wife intimated she might prefer the shopping there. No, seriously, that's basically how it went down at the time. Teixeira's wife had a huge hand in her husband's decision, because she liked Manhattan shopping.

Secondly, Teixeira would appear to be rather friendless with a particular group of baseball fans. You might be surprised to hear which ones. Yankee fans, as it turns out. These are a selection of 2012 headlines from Yankee blogs we checked out this morning. The headlines are all 100% accurate, and are all from this season. In fact they are all from the last few weeks. Look 'em up, if you like. I left in the caps on a couple of them, because I thought it was kind of funny that Yankee fans write blogs in caps.

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Those are comments from Yankee blogs, Mark. Take a look. It would appear you are as friendless as you claim Padilla is, and in your case, it is your own fans.

Hurts, don't it?

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