Major League Baseball kick starts new ‘relegation’ system between Major and Minor league baseball, using Toronto as it’s guinea pig

Blue Jays having fun in outfield

 Buried in last place in the ultra-competitive AL East, almost 10 games under .500 and fresh off yet another embarrassing loss to the Dodgers, the Toronto Blue Jays have been hit with fresh humiliation, as Major League Baseball has decided to relegate them to AAA Minor League Baseball.

The Blue Jays were once again humiliated by the Dodgers last night, this time blowing a big lead late in the game to sink 14.5 games behind in the race for the AL East. The Blue Jays spent millions of dollars in the offseason and were expected to challenge not only for the American League but also for the World Series. Instead they will spend next season battling young baseball players in the Minor Leagues.

MLB has announced the Blue Jays will be allowed finish the season in the Majors but will start next season in the Minor Leagues.

Bud Selig told reporters ‘We just felt like now was the perfect time to bring in this format, with the changes to the BCS playoff system coming soon and with the NFL possibly going to 18 games, we wanted to keep things fresh and interesting’ He went on to add ‘Plus, have you seen them (Toronto) play lately? They are awful!’

The Blue Jays held a closed, players only meeting before last night’s game and the word is the players are unhappy at the prospect of taking buses and playing in front of tiny crowds in small stadiums in the Minors.  Pitcher R.A. Dickey is reportedly writing a book about the decision.

Manager John Gibbons could not be reached for comment, although he was seen sitting in the dugout surfing on his iPad.

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