Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski is a living legend on many levels. His ridiculous tangible success to date, the combination of his athletic size and talent and his charming, cheeky, Dexter like grin have combined to basically carpet bomb the hearts and minds of Patriots and other NFL fans to the point where he is a superhero after just two seasons in the league.

A feature of his personality that doesn’t sit as well with the Patriots front office and indeed some fans, is his Peter Pan like party animal persona. Gronkowski likes to pary. After last season Gronk embarked on a General Sherman like assault on the summer, partying, drinking and dancing to the point where Patriots fans were referring to the summer of 2012 as ‘The Summer Of Gronk’.

Well, the 2013 version of the Summer of Gronk has got off to an early start. This TMZ video is from the Superbowl Vegas based party in a nightclub that Gronk ‘let his hair down’ a little at.

This is of course all hilarious. Right up to the point where Gronk tries to wrestle one of his dance partners to the ground, and falls on his fractured forearm. The same arm that Gronk was cradling in severe pain as his and the Patriots season ended early against the Ravens.

Look, you can draw whatever conclusion you want from this.

I do know one thing.

Colin Kaepernick has started his training regime for the next NFL season already. I am betting there are many Patriots fans out there that, however enjoyable Gronk’s personality is, wish he had a little bit of Kaepernick’s sense of urgency in him.


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