Wonderful! Absolute sheer NFL bliss. With last night's NFL results we are in for a serious treat the next couple of weeks. Can you imagine what the pre-Superbowl coverage is going to be like? Endless (and we mean endless) stories battering every single angle of the Harbaugh v Harbaugh story into a bloody submission. By the time the Superbowl kicks off you and I are going to know what colour boxer shorts Jim likes best and which episode of 'Greys annatomy' was John's favourite. Ray Lewis? You thought that narcissistic close up of a weeping, sobbing, over-emoting Ray Lewis during the anthem last night was something, well, wait until you are picking pieces of Ray Lewis off your mind like last night's steak out of the cracks in your teeth.  We are in for more Ray Lewis the next two weeks than you could ever imagine.

Just beautiful.

The Superbowl itself? Are they actually going to play the game? Is there any point? I would assume they could really make this whole process of 'The Superbowl' more efficient and more commercially viable for the networks by simply having Ray Lewis dance in the middle of the field roaring, screaming and posing for 60 minutes wearing a jersey emblazoned with 'I am going to be on ESPN next season!' while the Harbaugh brothers dance and roar with equal vigour and oh-so-honest passion on their respective sidelines.

Like this.

There is simply no need for an actual game, really, is there? We assume the suits in the NFL front office are already pimping this proposed format to Roger Goodell, and the rest of us should get one of those pedantic mass emails from the good commissioner himself, outlining plans to progress the above format, any day soon.

Hey, with this format for the game there will be considerably less concussions. Except of course the one you, the viewer, gives yourself having bashed your face into the wall for an hour after having reached the Ray Lewis exposure tipping point.

This is just going to be the best two week media run up to a Superbowl, ever!

Ray Lewis: Simply the most genuine human being, ever.

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