We are going to have to come up with a name for this idiotic phenomenon. You know the drill, something happens in the sporting world, and within seconds the army-of–the-undead like cretins of the Internet spew forth a Tsunami of hate and bile.

These are the basic facts. Last night in the NFC Championship game, Chicago Bears trigger man Jay Cutler hurt his knee. As it turns out he hurt it pretty bad. Cutler said he injured his knee on the second-to-last series in the first half and then aggravated it on the next series. After hurting the knee, Cutler tried to test it by riding a stationary bike on the sideline, where he remained throughout the game. Word on the street is Cutler will undergo an MRI on Monday.

Cue the madness

Not long after the game ended, the Internet and talk show trolls spilled into action, jamming Chicago sports lines and Internet forums with their own turgid brand of verbal rubbish. They questioned Cutler's toughness and angrily demanded the Bears trade him. They made ignorant homosexual references and crass sexist analogies. You know that idiotic 15% of NFL fans that think they can say anything? Well, those guys were out in force last night

Of course it’s not only the no-name zombies of the Internet looking to verbally assault Cutler post game. Enter Michael Wilbon. Logon to ESPN today and you can read this little cracker; ''Injury aside, Jay Cutler's NFC Championship Game showing proved he's not worthy of the Chicago Bears.'' Written by the big man himself.

Wilbon apparently decided to summarize Cutler's season, and his worth to the Bears, on the basis of one single game, as opposed to the bulk of the regular season. He also did so in full knowledge of the fact that Cutler was injured, badly, in the game he has decided to judge his entire season upon.

Wilbon leaves it unclear whether he has tried to play in an NFL game with a serious injury or not
About the only exercise we are 100% sure he gets is chasing after skimpily clad bimbos in the VIP areas of shady clubs. Do an Internet image search for Wilbon and basically half the returned images are Wilbon amongst a group of vapid looking, half naked women, or with an individual of similar ilk perched on his meaty lap.

The point is, Wilbon wouldn’t know a sporting injury if it came up to him, slapped him in the face and then bit him in his ample posterior. Unfair? Wilbon leaves himself open for ridicule, with a knee jerk, reactionary piece like that referenced. Particularly when Cutler has played extremely well this season for the Bears.

Cutler played a full season behind an offensive line that yielded the most sacks in the NFL. Despite this, he missed only one game, and that was due to concussion. Without Cutler, the Bears would not have got as far as the playoffs, let alone the Championship game.

The good news is, the opinion of the Internet Trolls and sofa bound cheeseburger chuggers like Wilbon amounts to basically nothing in terms of importance. What matters most to Cutler, no doubt, is the opinion and indeed the feelings of his team mates. In this case, the Bears have Cutler's back, and no amount of mud slinging by attention seeking loud mouths like Wilbon will change that.

Take Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who angrily defended Cutler, for example;

‘’Jay was hurt. I don't question his toughness. He's tough as hell. He's one of the toughest guys on our football team. For them to question his toughness is stupid to me."

Furthermore, the most telling comments on the severity of the injury, as described in detail by Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz, who noted seeing Cutler's leg shaking during a huddle in the second quarter.
"I didn't even think he was going to finish the half. When he came back to try it again, that amazed me. It was shaking right after he took the hit and walked back in the huddle. It was swinging like this [waving his hand back and forth]. So I knew one of his ligaments probably went. I can't remember exactly what play it was. I know it was the second quarter. I remember him walking in the huddle, and I saw it shaking like this. I said, 'Ah, man.'"

It is abundantly clear, the Bears are completely behind Cutler on this.

If you have ever been hit by a crazed, angry lineman or linebacker, if you have ever had a serious sporting injury, you would think twice about questioning the bravery of any athlete, let alone Jay Cutler.

However, if you are a cretinous moron sitting at home in your underwear, alone, eating cold pizza, downloading the entire back catalogue of 'Two and a half men' and the latest Kanye West CD, while playing online poker and watching the NFL, you probably have nothing better to do than rant idiotically about someone else’s bravery or your take on their lack of. The Internet Trolls, therefore, have some kind of an excuse.

Not so sure about Wilbon, perhaps he just needs a little attention?



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