Former Braves star, famous for 18-month extramarital affair with a Hooters waitress which produced a son, shows incredible lack of sensitivity and shocking grasp of basic English language skills in wildly racist Tweet

Chipper Jones

What is it about the Atlanta Braves? Don't they do sensitivity training down there? We all remember John Rocker, but, now Chipper Jones has thrown his stetson firmly into the 'outrageously racist' ring with an unbelievably immature, insensitive and racist Tweet.

The Jones Tweet - no doubt soon to be deleted from his account

Where do you start with this? First of all, the very people he is mocking probably have a better grasp of the English language than Jones. Sure, people abbreviate on Twitter, but there's abbreviation and there's 'wud'. Secondly, his choice of target, an ethnic minority group, is cowardly. Jones come across as a school yard bully.

No doubt he thinks this is all hilarious, Jones kills harmless animals for fun (he calls hunting a pastime of his) so we should not be too shocked if he thinks this Tweet is funny. The only shock is he was able to get his knuckles high enough off the ground to type.

The saddest part of all this? Not one sports media entity has taken Jones to task on this as yet.

Perhaps he is just too white and famous.

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