Boston sports media and fans on Twitter left with proverbial egg on face as Jarome Iginla goes to the Penguins, not the Bruins as so many expected (and so many announced).

Jarome Iginla goes to the Penguins

Last night was set up to be a thing of beauty for the Boston Bruins and their fans. The Bruins were playing old rivals the Canadiens on the ice and behind the scenes the Bruins front office was manoeuvring to make a trade with  the Flames for their long-time captain Jarome Iginla. Despite his age (35) and relatively ho-hum regular season thus far for the Flames, Iginla’s potential arrival sparked great excitement among the Boston fans and media.

As the evening progressed, some just couldn't help themselves.

Bruins media and fans jump the gun

The report that the trade had been made official appears to have originated from TSN's Aaron Ward. The Bruins, though, are saying they never made any official announcement, and that appears to be the case. As reports started to come out that Iginla was infact going to Pittsburgh, confusion reigned.

Then the hard truth set in, and it is safe to say that Tuukka Rask did not take the news well

Tuukka time!

The above and the below should serve as a timely reminder to all to check your facts, sources and then check your facts again before making announcements. Otherwise you end up like poor old Mike Petraglia, who must still be sifting through the Trolls on Twitter.

Answer: Pittsburgh

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