Well, well, well. Would you look at that. Isn’t it amazing what a couple of wins can do? At the beginning of this week the Boston Red Sox were basically ‘booed’ out of town, by the majority of an angry fan base, a fan base eagerly prodded and cajoled into this negative behaviour by a Boston sports media frothing at the mouth. The outpouring of anger was so great, the national sporting media took note. Several commentators were visibly shocked by the toxic atmosphere at Fenway Park.

The Sox were written off, by their own fans. There were calls to blow the team up, and start rebuilding. Bobby Valentine had to be sacked, kicked out the door and told never to come back.

So, how are things looking now? Wouldn’t you love to ask one of those idiots that stood behind the home dugout ‘booing’ with all their physical worth, how did they think the Red Sox were doing now? Suddenly the Red Sox season is looking much more positive, as they cruise towards the .500 mark on the back of a 4 game winning streak. They haven’t just won those games, they have annihilated the opposition, pummeled them into submission with their bats, scoring a whopping 34 runs across the 4 game streak.

Things have taken such a turn towards the good, that the Red Sox are now right up there in terms of offensive statistics. Check out their standings in the major batting categories as of today, Friday.

Not bad, right?

The next 18 games for the Red Sox sees them up against such luminaries as the White Sox, Orioles (T-Minus about five seconds until their season blows up), the Oakland As, Kansas and Seattle.  Whilst it is important not to get too excited about a winning streak, it definitely suggests a change for the positive with the team.

Now, if only someone could figure out how to get the fans and the Boston sporting media to lighten up a little, and enjoy the journey through this 2012 season.