Christina Kim has been teaching the American Solheim Cup team how to pour the perfect pint -  but a caddy’s wife has upstaged the colourful Californian.

Kim revealed at Killeen Castle that she has introduced the magic of Guinness to the US players looking to retain their trophy in County Meath.

She has yet to partake of a pint of plain herself this week however and now she mightn’t want to after Michelle Wie’s caddy Brendan Woolley took his wife to the Guinness Hopstore.

“Brendan’s wife has got a certificate that says she can pour the perfect pint,” said Wie to the amusement of Kim, a Ladies Irish Open veteran and friend of George Hook.

“I can pour the perfect Guinness but I just went to the tap in the Dunboyne Castle hotel to find out how, do I need a certificate for that?” asked Kim.

“What I do know is that you fill it up and wait and then you watch it, you fill it up again and you wait again. I did that on Monday night and there was plenty of Guinness flowing.

“I didn’t have any myself yet but some of the girls had some, some of the caddies had some and then the caddies had some more.”

Now recovered from the brief trauma when their bus broke down – while they listened to BruceSpringsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’ en route from Dublin Airport – the Americans are here to win.
Rookie Ryann O’Toole, the Big Break sensation, may have an Irish surname but she’s going to need some help tracing her ancestry before action gets underway on Friday.

“My great grandparents came from Ireland but I don’t know from which part and this is my first time here,” said O’Toole.

“Any O’Tooles in the phonebook could be relations but I need to go on Facebook and tell them all to come out and watch.”

Christina Kim