US Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney has a message for the Irish: it's Super Bowl Sunday, celebrate it. Although football fever has gripped the US in advance of Sunday’s showdown in Indianapolis Rooney wants the Irish to share in the excitement.

Rooney is also the President Emeritus of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he appears in the first part of a Super Bowl preview video aimed at explaining the sport to the Irish.
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'I think American football is a tremendous thing,' Rooney, 79, says in the two-minute Youtube guide. 'I am really being biased maybe, think it’s the best sport there is.'

The Steelers are the National Football League's (NFL) most successful team, having won a record six of their eight Super Bowl appearances.

The Super Bowl showdown between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants takes place on Sunday.

Here's the video:

Will the 9/11 ten year anniversary be Irish ambassador Dan Rooney’s swan song?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images