So for the second time in this World Cup competition a deliberate and calculated hand ball has handed one team a victory and another a devastating defeat.

Thierry Henry's deliberate hand ball sunk Ireland but the deliberate hand ball by Luis Suarez against Ghana broke the heart of all of Africa.

It was the ultimate cynical foul, the every opposite of sportsmanship and fair play.

A last second Ghana attack produced a frantic scene in the Uruguay goalmouth that ended when Suarez blatantly handled a ball that was clearly bound for the net.

He was sent off but Ghana missed the penalty and later lost the quarter final on penalties.

So cheating wins. Amazingly, Suarez was boasting about his 'hand of God' afterwards, saying he considered it a miracle.

If so it was one fashioned by the devil.

What will every young kid around the world think when they see that hand ball played over and over?

That cheating works, that great achievements like that of Ghana in getting to within a whisker of the World Cup semi-finals can be snatched away by a blatant hand ball.

Uruguay now deserve the fate that France suffered.

They did not belong at the tournament and neither do Uruguay now.

I hope Holland hit six goals against them.

Go home Uruguay.

You are cheaters and have disgraced soccer once again.