Urban Meyer's decision to take a leave of absence and/or step down as Florida's football coach is the biggest shock of the college season.

The fact that he has a serious heart condition was clearly covered up by Florida officials after he recently ended up in hospital for what they claimed was dehydration.

Football fans deserved better than such a bald-faced lie about his condition. His right to privacy is one thing, but misleading a nation is another matter entirely.

In this day and age of transparency in all things, Meyer's decision to outright lie about his health is unacceptable. Although Brian Kelly always had the inside track to take over at the University of Notre Dame, Meyer was a candidate to lead the Fighting Irish.

He then compounds the problem by claiming God was on his side when he made the decision.

Not really, Urban. God would demand honesty above all and a straightforward account of what ailed you. It is disappointing, to say the least, that proved beyond you.