Lots of emails since I wrote yesterday about Brian Kelly the Cincinnati coach being the man for the Notre Dame post currently held by Charlie Weis.  

Most agree, but some say that Urban Meyer is by far the better candidate.

Some point to a recent Bleacher Report piece that makes the case for Meyer.

Among the reasons stated are that Meyer's wife Shelley vetoed his first move to Notre Dame after Willingham resigned but would not do so now.

I say “hooey” to that. His wife prefers Florida, always has, and an unhappy wife in a bleak Midwest winter means an unhappy coach.

Bleacher says Meyer has two national championships and therefore can get it done.

True to a point, but Meyer has  no “academic” problems while recruiting right now and he would face a far tougher task under Notre Dame's far more stringent rules. In other words he wouldn't have the same talent pool.

Bleacher says, “A small buyout ($500,000) makes the move even more appealing and friendly to the economy of South Bend.”

Not so the fact as Coach Weis has to be bought out at around $15 million. That is the biggest nut. Paying well for a new coach is a given. The wealthy Notre Dame alumni will pay whatever is needed. Money is no object.

No Tim Tebow after this year, says Bleacher Report.

That is true and a huge loss. But which program would you rather head up if Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate bolt for the pros?

Either way Urban Meyer would face an incredible challenge at Notre Dame.

I still think Kelly is by far the better bet. Meyer has nothing left to prove and Kelly has. A man on a mission is always hungrier.

Hunger is the greatest motivation of all for a coach, and Kelly has it more than Meyer.

Conclusion: it is Kelly over Meyer.