Ireland soccer boss Giovanni Trapattoni may be about to sign for Nigeria for this summer's World Cup according to reports.

Trapattoni's agent, Domenico Ricci, has now said he will welcome an approach.

"This is a very delicate issue, but of course Giovanni will be interested," Ricci told Kick Off Nigeria. "He can leave the Republic if he gets a concrete offer, but that would have to come before March 3 and then he can consider it."

The news will come as a major shock to Irish fans who have grown to love Trapattoni, after his underdog side very nearly defeated France and made the South Africa World Cup this summer.

Trapattoni had earlier nixed speculation that he would leave Ireland and stated that he was preparing for the European Championship which kicks off this autumn.

Meanwhile Russian manager Guus Hiddink is also in the running it seems for the Nigeria job.

His agent also stated his boss was interested:

"Guus is a loyal employee of the Russian Football Federation," he said. "He has a contract until July 15 and he never breaks a contract.

"If - and I say if because we have not been officially contacted by the Nigeria federation - if we get such an offer, we will have to discuss with the Russian Federation and, if there could be an agreement with the Russian federation, then Guus could consider the situation.

"Currently there is a new president at the Russia Federation and we are talking about the future of after July 15, whether he stays or goes and that might change the situation a bit.