Tommy Rees 

Don’t be surprised if its Tommy Rees lines up as quarterback in Dublin on September 1st when Notre Dame begins their new season.

Sure, Rees is projected as low as number three on some lists behind Everett Golson and Andrew Hendrix but as game time approaches, Brian Kelly may decide to go with the devil he knows.

Rees gets a bum rap for his poor junior season when so much went wrong for the team in general.

He had an outstanding freshman year and surely deserves the opportunity to prove himself once again.
Rees certainly has a lot to prove.

His off-season antics were no more than a young man’s folly however, and trying to punish him for those makes no sense whatsoever.

Everett Golson is very much the home crowd Messiah at this point but he is largely unproven.

Sure, he fits into Kelly’s type of spread offense but he has yet to play a real game under pressure.

Rees has certainly done that, including leading Notre Dame to a bowl victory two seasons ago.

That’s is why despite all the bad mouthing, Rees may well be the safe pair of hands to line up behind center when the teams kick off in Dublin on Labor Day weekend.

Brian Kelly has a reputation as a gambler but he knows this season and his future will depend on his signal caller.

All the more reason why Rees would be the safest choice. If he can limit the interceptions he can go on to be the comeback kid.