It will be Tom Coughlin versus Tom Brady in the Super Bowl for the ages in Indianapolis in two weeks.

The two may be of Irish American heritage but the similarities end right there.

Coughlin is the epitome of self effacing, a former Catholic seminarian from a small town in upstate New York who always shares the credit with his team.

Coughlin hates any show or glitz, bans his players wearing sun glasses or black socks, is a stickler for discipline and keeps his mouth shut when other coaches like Rex Ryan is shooting his off.

A grandfather with ten grandchildren, Coughlin is known as 'Colonel Coughlin' for his strict military discipline in camp and his determination to have everything done with spit and polish kids .

Tom Brady is from California and a continent away from Coughlin's lifestyle.
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Married to a world famous model with glitzy homes in California and Boston, Brady is the epitome of California cool.

He married Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen on February 26, 2009 and was previously married to actress Bridget Moynihan.

Brady's every public appearance is fodder for the paparazzi. Coughlin lives anonymously in New Jersey.

When they face off in Indianapolis Coughlin will know that containing Brady will be the key to the game for the Giants. Stop Brady and you stop the Patriots-- it is as simple as that.

So when the two Irish American legends square off, one on the sideline, one under center, it will be a fascinating clash between two warriors who represent all that is best in the NFL.

May the best man win.