Tom Brady's mentor Tom Martinez told the press this week how impressed he is by Brady's precision. Martinez is know as the man the man who taught Brady how to passband they've been together for about half of Brady's professional life, since even before his first junior varsity start.

"By the end of it all, I'd never seen him better," Martinez said this week. "It was hard to stand there and watch it. You've got to shake your head that you're really looking at what you think you are. He was so precise. You go 'Holy mackerel. He's got to throw some balls away.' It was unbelievably impressive."

Even with his prior knowledge of the full range Brady's abilities and skill, Martinez says he was surprised to see Brady's remarkable season unfold the way it has. The numbers Brady has posted in his season can't all be chalked up to refined mechanics, Martinez says.

Brady has posted the fifth-highest passer rating in NFL history, also leading the league in touchdown passes, and he threw the fewest interceptions, breaking records for turnover efficiency.

"To watch him play is like watching Pavarotti," Martinez said. "He's in total command."


Tom Brady