Next Monday the Patriots football season will have a new beginning as they play host to their rivals the New York Jets.

Both teams are 9-2 but the Jets won their week 2 battle at New Meadowlands Stadium which might mean more to New England.

Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, said there’s a lot of work to be done following Thursday’s 45-24 win over the Detroit Lions.

Speaking during his weekly WEEI Radio appearance he said “Look, I mean, we're 9-2, we haven't accomplished anything…We were part of a team that won 16 games in the regular season. I've been to five AFC Championship games. These games that we're playing, yeah, they're important, but a lot of the guys on our team have played in a hell of a lot bigger games than regular-season games. So to me, what we've accomplished, really is nothing, to this point.

He continued “Nine wins is nothing…Coach always says, and I said this last week, football season starts after Thanksgiving. And it's after Thanksgiving. So, now we're going to see what kind of football team we have. We're going to see what other good football teams are, and what it takes to be a good football team."

Brady said the win on Thursday gave the team the correct mindset to enter an extra-long break prior to the Jets game. He even compared it to a bye week.

“If you win [Thursday's] game, there's a huge benefit to it," said Brady. "So for us to be able to have quite a bit of time to recover, it's really kind of like another bye week . . . We had a bye week relatively early, but then this kind of feels like a separate one."