Patriots' Tom Brady says both he and the team are  feeling good ahead of  the season kick off in September. The quarterback spoke to the media yesterday for the 2nd time since training camp began on July 29th last.

“If the quarterback won’t do it, then who will do it? I think that’s how I always think about it,’’ Brady said. “If it’s like, ‘Hey guys, that’s all right. It was a [bad] play, but we’ll get the next one.’ That’s not the way it works.

He added “The first rep of a drill is always the most important because you never get it back. It always sets the tempo and the timing. You don’t go out and throw interceptions. You don’t walk around. You don’t jog through unless it’s a jog-through period.

He confirmed there is no news on her contract situation but is committed to remain in practice with the team. “We’re coming out here and competing. We came a long way for these practices. May as well come out and play our best.’’

Yesterday saw the Patriots travel to Flowery Branch, just north of Atlanta as the participated in two joint pre-season practices with the Falcons.

Brady has a number of improvements he wants to work on before the team season’s opener on September 12th against the Bengals.

 “We’re really trying to [work against] our defense every day because they are a great run-stopping defense. So I think that really helps us. The different schemes that we use to try to create some holes that we can run through. Our backs are fine no matter what.’’