For the second time in four years Tom Brady has won the Associated Press Offensive Player of the Year award, handily fending off Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in a landslide vote.

Brady received 21 of 50 votes and clinched the award. But even in his moment of victory he was thinking about the road ahead - and specially, of his much toted surgery on his foot last month.

"It’s just something that’s been lingering a little bit," Brady told the press on Tuesday. "Over the course of the season, a lot of players throughout the league, a lot of players on our team, deal with these type of injuries. Part of having a little bit of mental toughness is putting those things aside and still going out and trying to perform your best each week."

Brady added: "I have a great training staff and they were able to get me out on the field feeling good and I was able to go out there and help our team win the AFC East, which we’re all very proud of."


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