New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a two car collision earlier this morning.

The NFL star was not taken to hospital but was shaken after the accident which occurred at 6.34am at Commonwealth Avenue and Gloucester Street according to Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald.

Mac Donald told the Boston Globe that Brady was driving an Audi Sedan and was able to get out and was walking around after the crash. A man was stuck in the back of the passenger van and had to be removed with the Jaws of Life and later transported to an area hospital. He said the traffic light was hit during the accident and Boston police are investigating.

The Patriots have since announced on Twitter that Brady is expected to arrive later at their Gillette Stadium.

According to one witness Brady was travelling east on Gloucester Street through a green light at Commonwealth when the minivan went through a red light and collided with Brady’s car.

A neighborhood resident told reporters that he heard what he thought was thunder before he looked out his window and discovered it was an accident.

"I thought it was a college student who had taken his dad's car and got into an accident," he said.

Brady has been a hot topic in the news all week as talks surrounding his contract extension with the patriots continue. The Patriots are due to play their season opener on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.