During his weekly interview on WEEI yesterday morning Tom Brady was hesitant to reveal any progress towards his Patriots contract.

When Brady was asked if there were any developments he replied that the lines are communication are constantly open.

“I’d say this: There’s always communication. I’ve been with the team for going on my 11th year. I’ve been communicating with them a lot about a lot of things. It’s pretty uncomfortable talking about a contract because I know how coach Belichick feels talking about it, and how Mr. (Robert) Kraft does and Jonathan does.” Brady said.

Brady insisted his main focus right now is on scoring touchdowns against the Bengals.
“I didn’t spend five minutes yesterday thinking about my contract or my future. I thought how we’re gonna beat the Bengals.”

Brady added that as a leader of this team he needs to concentrate on their performance and he is not about to sit around and worry about himself and contract issues.

When asked if he was ready to finish his career with the Patriots he acknowledged how much he enjoys playing for the team.

“I love being here. And the thought of playing somewhere else isn’t a very good thought for me, and isn’t a very good feeling. I would never want that to happen.”

Tom Brady, Quarterback for the Patriots