A recently surfaced video shows that NFL superstars Tom Brady and Tim Tebow were concerned about fellow Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, now in jail for murder, as early as 2011.

Brady and Tebow, who are now teammates on the New England Patriots, were filmed after a game in 2011 where Brady’s Patriots had beaten Tebow’s then Denver Broncos 43-21 in Denver.

The video, property of NFL Films, includes game highlights as well as post-game interactions between the teams. The video was only recently resurfaced by Massholesports.com.

Brady can be heard saying to Tebow, “And I'm trying to watch over Aaron [Hernandez] and Brandon [Spikes].”

Both Hernandez and Spikes had played for the University of Florida Gators, where Tebow first rose to football fame.

Tebow responds, “I appreciate that, too, man. They're good guys.” Brady adds, “(Yeah) they're a lot to handle.”

The 2011 brief conversation provides an eerie foreshadowing to the present day where Hernandez is behind bars at Bristol County House of Correction in Massachusetts on murder charges since last month.