Giants running back Tiki Barber is making a comeback?

Lets hope Eli Manning doesn't get too excited by the idea of playing with Prima Donna Tikki again.

Tikki is the guy who dismissed Eli as lacking the right stuff shortly after he retired.

Eli just went ahead and won a super bowl.

Tikki had pissed off his teammates long before that, effectively announcing his retirement midway thru the previous season and upsetting the team's balance.

Tikki played for Tikki that was always obvious.

Now he's either broke or bored or both.

I suspect its both.

But the NFL is cruel on running backs, average career three years.

Tikki is well past his sell by date.

The Giants will trade him but if they ever meet him maybe Michael Strahan will come out of retirement just to slam his old buddy into the ground one more time.

Don't do it Tikki, there are too many people waiting to take that shot at you.

Go back to the 23-year-old you left your pregnant wife for.

That's more your speed these days.