Charlie Whitehurst trade.
The Seattle Seahawks gave up a 3rd round draft choice for a 28 year old quarterback who was the third choice in San Diego. At the time this deal looked like a poor one and Whitehurst's performances in limited action has only confirmed those suspicions.

Redskins keeping Albert Haynesworth on the roster.
Mike Shanahan's stubborn attempts to keep Albert Haynesworth on the same page as his Redskins led to unnecessary drama and performances to match. The Redskins should have traded Haynesworth when they had the chance.

Chargers trade for Ryan Matthews in draft.
The Chargers gave up a 1st, 2nd and 4th round selection as well as Tim Dobbins to move up in the draft to take Matthews. Matthews never lived up to his expectations as he could not carry the load for San Diego's offense losing out to Mike Tolbert as the feature back.

Philadelphia Eagles starting Kevin Kolb.
Many people have probably forgotten that Michael Vick is only the starter in Philadelphia thanks to Clay Matthews tackle on Kevin Kolb on opening weekend. Kolb had received $8million in the offseason and the Eagles kept that in mind wavering on their starter early in the season.

Vikings trading for Randy Moss.
The Vikings getting Randy Moss for a 3rd round selection seemed like a good piece of business at the time but Moss didn't do anything of note in Minnesota before being cut before the season had even finished.

Bengals signing Terrell Owens.
The Bengals signing of Terrell Owens came with a huge amount of fanfare in Cincinnati as fans drooled at the prospect of the T.Ocho show but the Bengals overlooked the simple fact that Owens wasn't a good fit in Cincinnati.

Texans passing on Devin McCourty.
The Texans secondary was their achilles heal this season and rookie Kareem Jackson didn't do much to change that. Jackson was selected ahead of McCourty who has starred for the Patriots during a pro bowl season.

49ers not sacking Mike Singletary at 0-5.
Mike Singletary was sacked before the season finished but he had lost his team long before week 16. Singletary had not prepared his team and if he had been removed after the first month of the season then the 49ers could have salvaged the weak NFC West.

Denver trading Brandon Marshall and subsequently passing on Dez Bryant.
The Broncos had a horrific season. Brandon Marshall had to be traded because of his desire not to play in Denver but the Broncos failed to find an adequate replacement choosing Demaryius Thomas ahead of Dez Bryant. Bryant starred on a poor Cowboys team while Thomas was solid but did not impose himself on the Bronco's season.

Jets releasing Alan Faneca and Thomas Jones.
The Jets offense was first in the league in rushing last season but they released Alan Faneca and particularly Thomas Jones prematurely. Jones had another fine season in Kansas City while the Jets offense sputtered on the shoulders of Mark Sanchez.

Denver Broncos trading Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn.
Brady Quinn became the third string quarterback in Denver while Peyton Hillis was a breakout star in Cleveland. Hillis powerful running helped Cleveland achieve mediocrity while playing a part in costing Josh McDaniels his job.

Chargers not paying Vincent Jackson.
Jackson's return to the Chargers late in the season only served to highlight how much the Chargers' missed his presence throughout.

Browns paying Jake Delhomme anything never mind $7million.
Jake Delhomme was vastly overpayed by the Cleveland Browns this season and if it hadn't been for Colt McCoy's emergence as the starter the Browns may have been picking in the top five of next season's draft.

Broncos letting Mike Nolan leave.
The Broncos had a horrifyingly bad 2010 season and maybe the worst of all was not keeping defensive co-ordinator Mike Nolan. Nolan had worked wonders in Denver and resumed that this season in Miami as the Dolphins' defense ranked 3rd opposed to the Broncos' defense that ranked 2nd last.

Vikings waiting for Brett Favre.
It was one year too many for Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. The Vikings had no other realistic alternative but should have seen how the beaten and aged Favre would not have been able to sustain the stress of an NFL season.

Any punter that kicked to Devin Hester throughout the year instead of punting the ball sideways to guarantee the player didn't touch it.
Hester had 529 yards and 3 touchdowns throughout the season as part of nearly 1000 special team yards all together. He broke the record this season for touchdown returns in a career and has potentially played himself into the hall of fame on the back of his returns.

The Bills not starting Ryan Fitzpatrick from week 1.
The Bills came into the season with a new head coach and defensive scheme but the same old quarterback. Trent Edwards did not last long in Buffalo before Ryan Fitzpatrick took over the reigns and flourished for the struggling Bills. It's very possible that the Bills would have gone 0-16 with Trent Edwards.

Matt Dodge punting to DeSean Jackson.
With no time left on the clock rookie punter Matt Dodge kicked the ball straight into the arms of DeSean Jackson from the Giants endzone allowing the Eagles to score the only ever walk off punt return for a touchdown.

Falcons make Dunta Robinson the second richest cornerback in the NFL.
Robinson is not a bad cornerback but by no means did he live anywhere near up to the standards his contract demands. Robinson hasn't caught an interception all season and quarterbacks are not scared of picking on him.

Seahawks acquire Lendale White and cut him before the season.
White was reunited with his old coach Pete Carroll in Seattle but Carroll must have remembered a different White in college to the NFL version as the player was cut before the season started. Not great value for a draft pick that eventually turned into Alterraun Verner, a rookie cornerback who impressed in Tennessee.

The Washington Redskins hiring Mike Shanahan in Washington.
Shanahan came into this season as a great head coach. His reputation has been tarnished this season as his Redskins have done nothing while he has appeared as a stubborn old man that cannot control his football team. The outlook is bleak for the Redskins, oh and by the way Rex Grossman finished the season as the team's starter.