So France have tumbled out of the World Cup, the most humiliating exit in the country's history.

Somewhere the Irish spirts are smiling.

A curse was put on the French team by the Irish nation after they cheated their way into the World Cup when Thierry Henry handled the ball before they scored the wining goal in the qualifiers against Ireland in Paris.

It was particularly sweet that Henry was still on the field when the French crashed out.

The collective howl of disbelief in ireland soon led to a sense of deep anger about how the French had cheated and won.

With that every possible Irish spirt wa summoned to ensure that Les Frogs would not progress much further in the World Cup.

The spirit of Biddy Early, the Clare witch who cursed the Clare hurling team for over 60 years was invoked.

So was the spirit of the headless horseman, who gallops through the fields in the Irish midlands, bringing doom to all who encounter him.

The spirts did their work and France had a disastrous World Cup.

The fighting between the team and manager was wonderful to see for the Irish.

On Irish television the commentators wore sombreros after the Mexicans , wearing green, defeated the cursed French.

Domino's Pizza gave away free pizzas every time France conceded a goal.

All over Ireland the prayers of the faithful were answered.

Thank you Biddy Early

So long Les Blues, you are truly left singing the blues.