Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has said she would never move to Ireland to be with boyfriend of one year golfing star Rory McIlroy. Her reason? The weather.

"I love Ireland, I've been over there many times but I wouldn't live there. It's too cold for one thing," said the 21-year-old Wozniacki.

She has, however, adopted her Co Down boyfriend's Irish lilt.

"I know, everyone has been saying that I have an Irish accent now, it has rubbed off on me but I don't think my accent has rubbed off on him," added Caroline, according to the Herald.

She also said she's hoping that McIlroy will fly over from Ireland after he's finished playing in the Irish Open tournament to cheer her on at Wimbledon in London.

"He's coming over for the second week, hopefully. I was talking to him earlier and he's getting on great.

"He's back home now and getting ready for the tournament, so all's good," she said.


Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroyGoogle Images