England's top soccer player, Wayne Rooney has stated that Susan Boyle inspires him before big games.

The Manchester United star told the News of the World newspaper that Susan was his game changer

Rooney explained: "I have a playlist I listen to before games.

And, for some reason, I have been listening to Susan Boyle immediately before the last few games.

"Her album is very good and it relaxes me."

He added: "When we're in the hotel before we go for our pre-match meal, I always put the Stereophonics on.

"Then in the dressing room before games, I tend to listen to more relaxing music like Susan Boyle.

"A lot of the foreign lads listen to rap music, which is okay, but before a game I don't really enjoy listening to that."

Susan Boyle is a committed Celtics fan in the Scottish Premier League