Manchester City star Stephen Ireland says he won't play for Ireland while Giovanni Trapattoni is in charge.

Ireland - who could miss out on an international cap if the Republic qualifies for the World Cup - says he never felt part of the squad.

"Even with the prospect of the World Cup, it hasn't crossed my mind about going back. I never felt part of the squad and I never will," he told Dublin's Evening Herald.

"When I watch Ireland games, it's weird. it's like I was never part of it. I don't miss it at all."

The 23-year-old Cork man went into self-imposed international exile two years ago over what he called Trapattoni's "arrogance."

"When I met Trapattoni for a chat I felt there was a lot of arrogance going on," he said.

"We didn't speak after that until this summer, when he called me. But I think he made that call for his own benefit, rather than mine. He said: 'Is it okay if I tell the press I've spoken to you and that there is a chance of you coming back?'

"I said: 'You can tell people we've spoken and maybe we'll meet up in the future, but don't say there is a chance of me coming back because there probably isn't."