New Dublin hurling boss Anthony Daly scored his second straight NHL win as Galway joined Cork on the list of successes at Parnell Park on Sunday after a 2-21 to 0-15 win. A new look Galway were hammered out the door in a 12 point defeat, one that their incoming manager John McIntyre had to take on the chin. "We were off the pace, frankly. It just wasn't one player; it was 12 or 13. Only they can decide, as a sportsman, their reputation. They have serious work to do over the next three or four games," said McIntyre. "There are no excuses; we were beaten all over the field. Nobody is going to press the panic button and we have to learn from this. "It gets difficult for Dublin from here on in now because Dublin's cover is completely blown. It is how they deal with the victory and how we deal with this defeat that will tell how both teams will go in the next couple of months." A realistic Dublin boss Daly said, "I suppose we may have to reassess ourselves now, but look, we just take every game as it comes. Galway were a little but flat and we were up for it."