Coach Brian Kelly dropped himself in some hot water on Saturday as the cameras picked up on the obvious stream of expletives that came out of his mouth as he balled T.J. Jones out following another turnover in the game against the South Florida Bulls. 

The disastrous game ended 23-20 to the Bulls with the Fighting Irish deflated and defeated. Many believed that this season would be a changing point for the team and this game simply did not go as planned.
However Kelly’s sideline cursing seems to have created more of a buzz. 
The National Catholic Register saw what happened on the sidelines as being more damaging to the colleges reputation. As they put it “ Let me tell you something, you didn’t need to be a lip reader to figure out what he was saying. By the look on my 11-year-old’s face, she figured it out pretty quick.
“To put it bluntly, if there was a drinking game where you drank every time Kelly cursed I would’ve needed help getting off the couch, never mind getting to bed.”
They continued “I've seen Brian Kelly in interviews and he seems like a decent guy but isn't this type of behavior unfit for any grown-up, never mind the most recognizable face of the country's most well known Catholic university?
“I understand football coaches aren't kindergarten teachers. But given the reality of the game and knowing that families are watching, couldn't we curb the f-bombs? You'd think Notre Dame football games are something I could sit down and watch with my kids.”
Greg Pollowitz, in the National Review said “I think the trustees of the university should fire him this morning…Not because of the loss, but because of the way he treated his players. This is really uncalled for.”
What seems more worrying to me is his high color rather than his cursing! Kelly looks positively purple in these shots. 
Do you believe that Kelly should be put out over a couple of curses? Let us know below and take part in our poll. 

Brian Kelly screaming during the Notre Dame South Florida gameGoogle Images