Sheamus is here to stay – trust me.

Just one day after his sensational victory over John Cena, Sheamus, aka Stephen Farrelly (31), from Dublin was suddenly the golden boy of WWE.

And he will remains so. Consider the following.

He was among the top trends on Twitter last night after his victory. John Cena was booed by the crowd far more than Sheamus, even though Sheamus was supposed to be the villain. This guy has the looks and smarts to take WWE to a new level.

Sheamus's victory sent many of the crowd into raptures – this is one popular guy.

The British and Irish media are all over the story today – giving WWE the much sought after international boost that Vince McMahon is desperately seeking.

So Sheamus is going nowhere anytime soon.

His fight with Cena was a bruising battle, which did great credit to both men and their physical fitness.

But the result was no surprise.

For a long time now WWE fans have been proclaiming the need for a new face, fed up of the same old characters.

Well now they have it and Sheamus is it.

It is an extraordinary rise for the six foot Six Dubliner who six months ago was wrestling on a minor league circuit in Florida.
Now he's on top of the world – and a great Irishman to boot.

Way to go Sheamus.