Sheamus is the new WWE wrestling champion in a huge upset defeating champion John Cena as he had promised to do.

It is an astonishing result as Sheamus has been less than six months with the top flight of the WWE and has pulled off a sensational result which will leave the 31-year-old Dubliner as the champion in the most unlikely way.

The Celtic Warrior AKA Stephen Farrelly (31), from Dublin said before the fight, "as far as I'm concerned, I really don't care what the people think. ... Come Sunday, I want to be the first Irish WWE champion, the first real European WWE champion" he told "I 'm gonna kick lumps outta John Cena. I'm gonna leave him black and blue.”

He was as good as his word in what one wrestling expert on Bleacher Report called "one of the most shocking turn of events I think I have ever seen in WWE history." The WWE allowed their top 'good guy' John Cena to lose to an unknown newcomer.

Cena was knocked off the top rope by Sheamus who started off slowly but soon got into the fight and sent Cena crashing through a table to lose the match and his title.

The match was a tables match, where the object is to put your opponent through a table, which Sheamus managed to do. Now, it looks like we will have a John Cena/Sheamus rematch at the Royal Rumble coming up.

Before the fight Sheamus also said fighting for WWE was a dream come true. "The most important thing for me was wrestling – always. I wanted to be recognized by the WWE. Being from Ireland, it's kind of hard. WWE doesn't come over to Ireland too much, and there's no wrestling schools in Ireland; there are a few in England, but the level has dropped off significantly. Basically, I had to find a way to get noticed, and getting experience with documentaries and films was great, and it helped me get in front of the camera.”