In a major surprise, the Sheamus vs. John Cena Round Two will take place on Monday night on "RAW," the WWE has announced.

Sheamus pulled off the upset of the decade when he beat Cena in their title match recently.

Now, we can expect him to do it again?. The WWE can hardly dethrone him after just a few weeks, can they? Irish Americans who have rallied to Sheamus will not be pleased if their champ loses his belt so quickly.

The rematch occurred after Cena showed up last night when Sheamus had defeated the Ballin' Superstar in his first title defense.

Cena demanded he exercise his rematch clause, but The Celtic Warrior just walked away.

However special guest host, Yankees baseball great Johnny Damon, arranged for the title match to take place on Monday night.

So seconds out for round two -- here's my money on the The Celtic Warrior. He's prettier, younger, and will be a bigger draw than the washed-up Cena any day.

Go, Sheamus !