Shay Given says he continues to find it very hard to get over how Ireland was knocked out of the World Cup by France. Ireland's goalkeeper also had strong words for former Irish player Roy Keane who  was critical of Given's play during the Thierry Henry hand ball incident.

"Maybe he (Keane) has something against me," he is quoted as saying in the Irish Independent. "But that's his opinion and he is entitled to his opinion.

"Had we gone out another way, you could move on and get on with your life.

"It's gutting. Had we lost to a better team or gone on to lose on penalties, then you could move on a lot easier and sleep better at night.

"Two weeks on, I still haven't slept great.

"Henry is a great player. He always has been and that will never change, but what's happened has soured it a bit. He conned the referee."

Given also had strong words for FIFA chief Sepp Blatter.

"Some of the stuff that he has come out with this week has been beyond belief. It has just rubbed salt in the wounds of all the Irish players and fans.

"To say that he spoke to Henry three or four days ago and said to him that it wasn't his fault, but the referee's, and then to say on Wednesday that FIFA were going to investigate it, well, that's beyond a joke.

"When he came out with the story about Ireland requesting to be the 33rd team at the World Cup, it was almost as though he was laughing at us.

"There was definitely a sense of that. It's difficult looking back on what happened in France.

"In all honesty, I will struggle to ever get over it in my whole life, never mind in just a few weeks."