Notre Dame's Brian Kelly is interviewing with the Philly Eagles
(Photo: USA Today)

Say it ain’t so Brian Kelly!

Just days after losing the BSC Championship game to Alabama ESPN reported that Kelly had met with the Philadelphia Eagles about the head coaching job.

You know that “The Scream” painting by Edvard Munch? That’s how we Notre Dame fans feel right now.

After a quarter century in the wilderness it looked like we were on our way back to the big time.

Sure ‘Bama beat us, but 12-0 was nothing to sneeze at and making the national title game was extraordinary.

And now this.

Kelly will do what Kelly has to do, but it surely cannot be about money as Notre Dame would surely match any offer from Philly.

He has never coached a day as a pro and would be taking an enormous gamble.

But we do know that Kelly is a winner and the Eagles desperately need a winner.

We know too the pressure on a Notre Dame coach is like nothing else in football. Lou Holtz gave it up because he was so exhausted.

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Kelly after three years might be feeling the same way.

Or he might just be parlaying his position to get a better financial deal.

Whatever it is it is bad news for the Irish.

Recruits in the pipeline will hold off until it is clear what the deal is.

Confidence in the football program will be shaken until Kelly’s future becomes clear.

He’s on a vacation outside the country.

Hey, it is a business first and foremost and Kelly and Notre Dame know that.

But having resurrected the Irish football program, Kelly was on his way to sainthood around South Bend.

Now there may be as many brickbats as bouquets heading his way.

Sad that.

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