He's the owner of the most famous beard in baseball but San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson has plenty other reasons why he stands out.

Apart from likely being the star of this year's World Series that is.

Here's a little taste of what Wilson, the most lovable character in baseball right now by a mile, is really like as he recently answered five question about himself.

1. "My IQ is 188. End of discussion. It's been proven. Certified genius.
2. Born originally in Massachusetts. Family's from south Boston, we're Irish. That's correct, Irish.
3. I enjoy Cholula hot sauce. That stuff is ridiculously good... pretty much the best hot sauce in the world.
4. Huge fan of the '80s. Was born in '82. Spent seven or eight years before the '90s ruined everything. So, big fan.
5. I'm a ninja.another reason.

He likes his Irish roots too, in fact he hiked around Ireland last summer with a backpack, minus his beard and no one recognized him. Said he had a ball.