Sofya Ochigava, the Russian boxer who lost to Katie Taylor in the 2012 Olympics finals, has declared publicly that she will beat Taylor at next year’s European Championships, which could be held in Dublin.

Asked for a statement about Katie Taylor remaining amateur so that she can fight at the Olympics again in 2016, Ochigava pulled no punches saying, ‘So Katie is staying amateur. Roll on the Euros. You’re about to witness the fall of your golden girl and she won’t have daddy to hold her hand.’

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Irish team manager Anna Moore condemned Ochigava’s statement.

‘I’m fond of Sofya and I can understand her disappointment immediately after the Olympic final, but I’m very disappointed in her if she did say those things now.’

Ochigava’s chance for revenge could be made that much harder if the Irish Amateur Boxing Association have their way, however. The organization has officially launched a bid this week to have the European Women’s Championship be held in Dublin next year where Katie Taylor enjoys huge support after her heroics at the 2012 Olympics.

Katie Taylor celebrating her Olympic win against Sofya OchigavaGoogle images