Ireland's Roy Keane has once again reminded us why he's such a loss to Irish soccer.

 With Ireland on the brink of the 2010 playoffs, the outspoken Cork man has again taken on the suits in charge of the team.

 Keane - who stormed out of the 2002 finals after a major bust-up with then manager Mick McCarthy - says he hopes the suits don't nickle and dime the team out of a chance.

 "Fingers crossed, they will get there, but once they qualify it will depend on their mentality," he said.

 "if they go there with the same lacklustre attitude the last time they were in the World Cup - cutting corners on hotels and travel - then obviously they won't do that well.

 "But if they have the right mentality - like you would hope their experienced manager's got - and they say, "We're going over there to do as well as we can", then why not? You would expect them to have a training pitch that's at least been watered and without any potholes and I wouldn't have thought they would be getting four connection flights.

 "I don't think he will be accusing his players of faking injury a week before the World Cup, either - but that's just my guess."

 Keane is currently battling with Middlesbrough for want-away 21-year-old Irish striker Daryl Murphy who is languishing at Sunderland.

 Let's hope Murphy has a brighter future than Irish goalkeeper Shane Supple who quit Ipswich Town last month.

 The 22-year-old Supple said he wanted to pursue a career outside soccer.

 “Playing professional football is not something I want to continue doing," the Dubliner said.

 "As you grow up you realise there are other things in life and to be honest, the game is not what I thought it was.”