About time Celtic sacked manager Tony Mowbray after the disgraceful 4-0 loss to St. Mirren the other night.

They should now sign Roy Keane as soon as they can to turn around Celtic as quickly as possible.

Keane would have too much pride to ever allow a Celtic team to disintegrate as this one has.

Keane is a love or hate him character, but Celtic fans would adore the Cork man. He has done a good job at Ipswich after a disastrous start and did an amazing job at Sunderland until running foul of the owners.

Celtic is made for him though ---a tough Irish man managing at the shrine of Irish football.

Mowbray had to go losing 4-0 to St.Mirren is like the Yankees losing to the Toledo Mud Hens -- it just does not happen.

Celtic will lose the league to Rangers by somewhere in the region of 16 points -- a disgraceful outcome for a first season manager and reminiscent of the days of Liam Brady who was also a disaster.

At least Brady had the excuse that he was a new manager and lacked experience.

Mowbray tried to impose an all out attacking style that fell flat. His plea that Scottish football didn't allow his type of free flowing football is nonsense,
Under Martin O'Neill Celtic played some of the best football in Britain --and they won as well.

No wonder West Bromwich Albion his former club last year were relegated.
Celtic have to understand that singing ex players as managers does not necessarily work.

Unless it's Roy Keane of course.