Golfer Rory McIlroy has secured three major sponsorships in just the last four months with Nike, Bose and the latest addition, Omega.  Rory is winless thus far in 2013, but had a 2012 season that established the 24-year-old as golfing elite and skyrocketed his corporate appeal. 

McIlroy’s production and popularity allowed him to be a little more choosy with sponsorships.  ESPN reported that McIlroy felt his Omega signing was a , “great deal for me,” and went on to explain,  "I've sort of tried to adopt the strategy that I don't want a lot of sponsors, but there are a few very big global brands that can reach out to different parts of the world. It's a great fit."

He jokingly added, "I guess I won't be late now."

Omega president Stephen Urquhar said, "Rory is one of those golfers who lights up every course he plays on.  In recent years, he has been golf's most exciting player and he has already attracted legions of new fans. He's the sort of golfer who is good for the sport and for its image, and we are all looking forward to seeing how far this extraordinary talent will take him."

McIlroy has achieved great success in both the sport and business side of his career despite sticking with his relatively small Dublin based management company, Horizon Sports.  Just 18 months after signing with Horizon, McIlroy became the third highest earner in Golf behind Woods and Mickelson. 

McIlroy’s 2012 season included 6 tournament wins, 4 on the PGA tour and he is reported to have earned over 10 million dollars.

Irish golfing champ Rory McIlroy