Irish golf star Rory McIlroy is scheduled to face off against the new World Match Play champion Luke Donald in Florida - but it's the match between McIlroy and Tiger Woods that fans are really waiting for.

Woods is currently in preparation for next week's world championship in Miami, but McIlroy and Donald are already in Palm Beach Gardens for the Honda Classic.

The 21-year-old from Northern Ireland told the press he believes Woods is playing "like an ordinary golfer" now and he doubts whether the old magic will ever return.

Said McIlroy: "I remember getting nervous when I first met him. I was 15. There was a presence about him. There still is to some extent, but when you're on the golf course you simply block it out. But Tiger is not playing as well as he was even a couple of years ago, never mind going back to the late 1990's and early 2000's, when he was at his best."

Sounds like the young Irishman believes he has this one in the bag.


Tiger Woods playing at the Limerick celebrity pro-am