Rory McIlroy has said that his childhood sweetheart Holly Sweeney help him to cope with the pressures of international fame, according to the Mirror.

The golfing sensation says the 20-year-old sports technology student helps him keep his feet on the ground.

“Holly and I have been together since I had just turned 16 and she was 14.

“She knows me better than basically anyone else in this world does, apart from my parents. And to have someone like that with you is very grounding.”

Sweeney and McIlroy come from the same hometown of Holywood near Belfast and went to the same school. They first met on the local golf course.

“She’s obviously my girlfriend but she’s also become my best friend over the past few years. I can say things to her that I wouldn’t be able to say to anyone else,” said Rory.

Sweeney did not go to the US Open, fearing she would put McIlroy off. However, she did tweet: “My fabulous boyfriend has played ­flawlessly all week! Drink up ­Northern Ireland, he’s done us proud! Champagne flowing... Sooo happy for the curly one!”

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