Rory Mcilroy has quit the U.S. Tour and will play on the European tour next year.

His decision comes one year after playing the U.S. circuit. He says loneliness and homesickness is a big part of his decision

"I switched on the Golf Channel one morning when I was in the States and began watching the Omega European Masters in Switzerland and thinking to myself I would rather be there instead.

"Sometimes you feel as though you have to be in America just to play the mandatory 15 (tournaments)  and at the start of this year that was something I really wanted to do. I did that but I also realized it wasn’t for me but then it doesn’t mean to say that I don’t want to play full time in the States again.

"It would be easier if I had a place in the States and that would definitely make it easier to play both Tours.

"Besides with the Majors and the WGCs, plus a few other events such as my defense of the Wells Fargo Championship I will still play 11 or 12 there next year, and I will be happy with that."

"But as I mentioned, I don’t have a base in the States and besides I enjoy my time too much back at home.

"Holly (Sweeney – girlfriend) also has another two years at Uni’ and we have two dogs, a nice house and I love my life back in Ireland, back in Europe and I don’t want ever to give that up.

"But if I keep playing the way I have been playing, I will get all the invitations I need. Also after playing in the Ryder Cup, I got a great sense of the camaraderie out there, and I got to know many of the European guys a lot better.

"The thing is that if you are playing well in the States it’s a great place to be but if you’re not it can be a lonely place "Whereas if you are not playing well on the European Tour you still have plenty of mates to hang out with."